Hi all! How is your Christmas season going? I am so excited to share some wonderful Christmas recipes with you soon!! So today I will be showing you a wonderful christmas gift idea…you’ll thank me later. If you know someone who loves to write, but really has a good taste in style, I would recommend this journal shop on etsy wholeheartedly! A handmade journal would be a superb and unique Christmas gift as is, but I would write a little something-something to make it even more special:) Just look at this excellent craftsmanship!

20121206-233343.jpg I really do fancy this burgundy piece:

20121206-233443.jpg And this green really is an excellent, earthy color:

20121206-233553.jpg Now, this particular vender happens to be my brother, who is extremely talented. I can vouch that these really are top quality! You can find these and more here. Now go buy a journal and make some Christmas cookies!!


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