Salted Caramel Sauce

20121024-195831.jpgCaramel sauce and I go way back. I have made (and attempted) SO many different recipes I can’t even remember them all. Dry method, wet method, in the microwave…butter, no butter, cream and no cream…I’ve tried it all. But every time except for maybe one (lucky) exception, I’ve burnt it. Now, I don’t burn it into smithereens, so they’ve almost all been delicious, as burnt caramel is a thing people actually want to make sometimes. But, I was after just regular, DIY, delicious plain-Jane caramel sauce.

20121024-204935.jpgNow, I’ve tried this recipe before, but I burnt that too. Worse, I had burnt it before all of the sugar melted. Then my mom made it, the exact same recipe, and it was perfect. Of course. Her secret? Turn down the heat! Although it takes a long time to start melting, perfect caramel will be your reward. This caramel is rich, thanks to lots of butter and cream. It has a wonderful salty edge, that enhances that wonderful flavor ten fold and balances out all of that sweetness.

20121024-200347.jpgNow the salty/sweet combo has been in style for a LONG TIME. Why? Because salt enhances the flavor of what you put it in. Now you may ask, “but what would I use all of this caramel sauce for?”…eat it use it in a recipe, make the perfect ice cream sundae, pour on top of apple pie with whipped cream, stir into lattes/coffee…just about anything. Or, be a savage and dip crackers into it…not that I would ever do that…

Salted Caramel Sauce

Adapted from The Brown Eyed Baker


2 cups granulated sugar
12 tbsp unsalted butter, cut into pieces
1 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp fleur de sel (or any other flaky sea salt. Do not substitute table salt)
1/2 tsp vanilla

Directions: In a large sauce pan over medium-low heat add sugar. Gently swirl pan to insure even melting. Cook until temperature on candy thermometer reaches 350F or becomes a deep amber color. Take off heat, whisk in butter. When butter is melted, whisk in heavy cream. Whisk in salt and vanilla. If salt does not dissolve, blend in blender until smooth.

Yield: about 2 cups sauce.



4 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Sauce

  1. This looks so good. I might have to try it. I will most likely be like you, and burn it in my impatience to have delicious things.
    I think that might run in the family. Hehe.

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